Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Experiment

Poor Baby Girl doesn't have much of a tail because of her Appaloosa genetics. I was wondering how I would be able to help keep her fly free this summer because there isn't much that I can tie into her tail that won't fall out.
Here is an example of how short her tail really is.

 I've already tried tail bags with fringe, but she doesn't have enough hair BELOW the tail bone or enough hair  to braid to help keep the tail bags in place.  So I needed to try something different. Then it happened, recently I was searching stuff on the internet and I found this website called Colorful Manes and Tails. They have synthetic hair extensions for fun shows, parades, and just dolling up your horse.  But I got to thinking that these little extensions might help Baby Girl, So I sent off a request for more information about the product.  The people were so friendly there that not only did I get more information, I got a sample to test out on Baby Girl.  
Here is the "hair extension" as you can see it's not very big, but originally these were intended for fun decoration not for semi permanent tail extensions.

However they easily clip into the hair and pretty much hide at the clip when put in. 

It's not much, but it did extend her tail just a bit. If it holds for a few days and not fall out right away, I'm going to order a few more and try them in several different spots on her tail.
 And you can also put them in your horses mane. Here is a shot of her short mane and that one long streak of black is the extension.
 I'll post an update on how these things work in a few days.