Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Random Stuff

Well I've been home sick for the past three days so when I've actually felt like being up and moving around I've been sitting quietly on the couch working on some crochet projects. I'm making a couple of blankets one for human use in my horse trailer and one for pet use on a dog bed if Catastropy the cat doesn't steal it first. 
This blanket is the one I'm going to put in my horse trailer when it's finished. 
And this is going to be the dog blanket

Here is Buddy and Jazzy kissing up trying to show how good buddies they can be. 

now here they are patiently waiting for a treat.
And the Castastrophy watching with disgust as the dogs kiss up to get special treats. 
Now I'm off to the store to try and find a different cold medication that will help clear up my stuffy head and hopefully I'll feel better tomorrow.

Monday, February 20, 2012

ACTHA ride

Well Keith and I and our horses Dream and Ladybug all just got back from our ACTHA ride this weekend. This is the second ride that Dream and I have been to this month, but Keith and Bug haven't been on the trails since about November. The first ride was in Socorro last Sunday and the second was in T or C this President's day weekend. 

The ride camp this weekend was at the Caballo State Park and was hands down the BEST camp site EVER. I mean who wouldn't want easy access to water faucets, Electric hookups for the vast majority of the participants, flush toilets AND access to showers! I know it sounds silly, but it's pretty much luxury camping. I'm so happy I got to use my horse trailer heater/AC for the very first time in the year I've owned the trailer. I'm also really happy my heater works so well.  I got a generator as a Christmas present so the next ride I go on I'll be able to use it also to run my heater.  

Here we are at the river crossing

And then again at the crossing the bridge obstacle.

What a GREAT weekend!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Doggie Chews

Jazzy and Buddy got a new bag of treats recently called CET ChewsThe chews are marketed for use in times when you can't brush your dog's teeth. Since both Jazzy and Buddy were rescued strays, they don't like getting their teeth brushed so we needed to try something different.  We got a big bag of the CET Chews for them to test out. We haven't had the chews long enough to test out their complete benefits yet, but Jazzy and Buddy certainly look forward to their new daily treat. 

The treats are coated with a couple enzymes that are supposed to help break up the plaque on your dog's teeth. The texture of the chew is rough enough to help brush or push the plaque off the teeth.  I got the size for large dogs (26 lbs up to 50 lbs) and they are just right for Jazzy and Buddy. The chews are large enough to last for a while but not so large that Jazzy and Buddy can't finish chewing them up.

These chews are similar to plain rawhide, but seems to be easier to chew. Buddy doesn't normally like plain rawhide chews, but he munches down on these CET Chews. The chews are the right size for a good daily treat and both the dogs really like them.  I think they will be a good addition to Jazzy and Buddy's list of favorite dog treats.