Monday, February 20, 2012

ACTHA ride

Well Keith and I and our horses Dream and Ladybug all just got back from our ACTHA ride this weekend. This is the second ride that Dream and I have been to this month, but Keith and Bug haven't been on the trails since about November. The first ride was in Socorro last Sunday and the second was in T or C this President's day weekend. 

The ride camp this weekend was at the Caballo State Park and was hands down the BEST camp site EVER. I mean who wouldn't want easy access to water faucets, Electric hookups for the vast majority of the participants, flush toilets AND access to showers! I know it sounds silly, but it's pretty much luxury camping. I'm so happy I got to use my horse trailer heater/AC for the very first time in the year I've owned the trailer. I'm also really happy my heater works so well.  I got a generator as a Christmas present so the next ride I go on I'll be able to use it also to run my heater.  

Here we are at the river crossing

And then again at the crossing the bridge obstacle.

What a GREAT weekend!


  1. Sounds like lots of fun!!

    Please get rid of word verification!!!!!!!!

  2. I soooo want to do this and am waiting for Spring so I can ride!!! (right now all I have is mud, bleck!)

  3. What a great ride and pretty pictures: horses, the landscape .... thanks

  4. Sounds like fun! Love the reflection on the water crossing pics.

  5. GREAT pics! That was my first ACTHA ride but now I'm hooked! It's a lotta fun. :)

  6. Yes Kate these ACTHA rides are just plain fun. I've been to most of the rides in the state in the past 2 years. I like the fact that it's more like a fun ride with friends old and new with spots of competition mixed in. It's not like going to a show and having all that constant competition pressure. I didn't get any photos of the Sweethearts ride at San Acacia yet. This one was the next weekend further south.