Wednesday, February 4, 2015

New Mexico Brand inspections

Yesterday I had the brand inspector out to replace the state required hauling permits on all the horses and the mule. The State requires that you show proof of ownership on your livestock and horses before transporting them. Since the house burned down, I have been busy doing other things, but I needed to get these permits so we can go on trail rides and other competitions. I was able to replace one set of registration papers on the three Appaloosa mares, but I didn't have anything on the mule.  I had my mom write up a letter that she sold me the mule way back in 1993. Yes the mule is that old. She was born May 3, 1993. Anyway the only other thing I have as proof of ownership is the book I wrote.

 Since the last half of the book is basically about the mule with photos and all. I gave a copy of it along with the letter from my mom. I got in return, a hauling permit for my mule.

I bet this is the first time that a brand inspector has been given a book to show proof of ownership for a horse or mule before.