Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Random Stuff

Well I've been home sick for the past three days so when I've actually felt like being up and moving around I've been sitting quietly on the couch working on some crochet projects. I'm making a couple of blankets one for human use in my horse trailer and one for pet use on a dog bed if Catastropy the cat doesn't steal it first. 
This blanket is the one I'm going to put in my horse trailer when it's finished. 
And this is going to be the dog blanket

Here is Buddy and Jazzy kissing up trying to show how good buddies they can be. 

now here they are patiently waiting for a treat.
And the Castastrophy watching with disgust as the dogs kiss up to get special treats. 
Now I'm off to the store to try and find a different cold medication that will help clear up my stuffy head and hopefully I'll feel better tomorrow.


  1. Hi!
    Thank you for visiting and commenting on my blog. Sorry to hear you're under the weather. Hope you're feeling better soon!

  2. Beautiful blankets! Buddy and Jazzy are adorable in those photos. Aww!

    Hope you're feeling better soon. I was sick for almost two weeks with some virus cold thing...still am not feeling 100% either. Nasty stuff going around!