Saturday, March 3, 2012

Bye Bye Facebook

Well while everyone else is busy being hooked up to Facebook I decided to completely deactivate my account. I hate the new Facebook timeline profile and instead of just complaining like most people, I did something about it. I refuse to keep a profile on Facebook as long as that timeline profile is in effect. If more people who complain would actually do something about it then Facebook would get the message. Or I could just be sitting out here in lala land while every one else connects on Facebook. My opinion is that I'm always the independent sort so I'll be independent out here alone if that's what it takes.


  1. Hi Dunappy,

    I noticed you commented on my cookbook giveaway. The one you left a comment on is closed. But the good news is this~I am having a giveaway every single month. swing on back and enter by clicking on the link and then clicking to the 2nd giveaway.

    Have a wonderful day-


  2. I hear you was just complaining about blogger and some changes. The thing is I don't hate the timeline, don't love it either, but ...
    Glad you will still be around on the blogs though

  3. I doubt it will matter to FB if anyone leaves because it's a free service. That being said...I, too hate the new Timeline and don't want anything to to do with it...hate the idea of them forcing everyone to conform to use it at the end of the month, too.
    I'll miss you on FB, but I'll still stop by and visit your blog on occasion even though I have no plans to go back to posting on my own blog.

    Take care,

  4. Funny how time changes things, huh? lol! I'm back!! Well at least part time. :D