Wednesday, March 21, 2012

ACTHA Newspaper Article

My mom sent me this newspaper article about one of the ACTHA rides I went on back in February. It was neat and had a great photo to it so I scanned it in to show it off.  If you want to read more about that ride, you can check out my past post here


  1. Oh, hey! Now, I remember you. From the San Acacia Ride. Rather... I remember your horse! He's a handsome devil. So many people that day... it's hard to keep it all straight. However! I think I have you in a video of our Dippa-coaster obstacle. Congrats on the press. :) Will you be in San Acacia for the Cinco de Mayo ride? That should be a fun one. Hopefully we can meet up again.

  2. Sorry Kate, that isn't me or my horse. That photo in the article is Theresa Falzone and her half Lippizaner Zema. I ride Appaloosas. I may be back in San Acacia for the next few rides if the gas prices don't flip out.

  3. Very cool! Maybe one day I'll come down that way.