Monday, March 5, 2012

Spring is coming!

So I went out to the garden on Sunday and checked out what needed to be done before spring creeps up on me. I found this.

These are my parsnips that are starting to re-sprout. That means I needed to dig up the parsnips because I don't want them growing and reseeding this year.  So I got busy and dug and dug and ended up with this.

That is a box with 20 LBS of parsnips. So I'm now busy cleaning and scrubbing and preparing to freeze a LOT of parsnips.  We already had our first meal last night with wonderful maple roasted parsnips. I've also got a nice parsnip bread recipe that I want to try.

In addition to checking out the garden, I decided to try a few milk jug mini green house starts. I want to see how they work out so I only set out 4 at the moment.  

Sunday's weather was wonderful, but I was still to sick to feel like riding. I ended up lunging Dream for a little while just to get her back into shape for the coming ride season. 


  1. well that is kinda cool! I never knew parsnips would do that

  2. I noticed to day that the Rhubarb is sprouting! LOL

  3. I only planted parsnips once three years ago. Then I let them reseed over and over again. I leave them in the ground all winter because they get a better flavor when they have been through a few freezes.

    And RedDunappy, I really hope my rhubarb survived the winter. I haven't had much luck with it yet. I've not really gotten enough to grow for any harvests. Mine hasn't started yet, but it is still freezing here every night so I think it's still dormant.

  4. I'll try parsnips this spring! AWESOME that you don't need to plant them everytime. I have a very nice low salt asian recipe for them. I am quite excited for spring planting time! I already saw quite few tulips sprouting at the side of our house:-)

  5. Pearl, For parsnips, They don't reseed the first year. You would need to let one (yes just one) winter over and regrow the second year. There will be MILLIONS of seeds. If you don't want that many, don't let them go to seed because there will be mega seeds.

  6. Had no idea about that info of reseeding with parsnips. And you'll probably laugh, but I've never eaten a parsnip in my life. I do enjoy most root veggies (except beets, bleh!), so I bet I would like parsnips...and maple roasted sound yummy!