Monday, March 26, 2012

Ride Photos

My friend Lisa sent me some of the ride photos I talked about earlier in my "Wonderful Weekend" post. The first photo shows Dream running through the water. At first she didn't want to go into the river and then all of a sudden she took a mighty leap and tried to gallop through the water then she settled down as you can see in this progression of photos. It's a really neat progression on the photos.


  1. That is waaaaaayy cool. Thanks for sharing.

  2. From "Oh My God!" to "Oh, my good."

    Great shots!


  3. I was so excited to capture those moments of the river crossing. But can you imagine if I had tried to photograph your attempt on the Dip A Coaster at the previous San Acacia ACTHA ride? Yikes! I was so afraid you two were going to end up rolling down into that arroyo! Good thing I was judging then and not able to photograph any of the riders that day.
    I'm glad you enjoyed this sequence of photos of you and Dream.