Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Horse Injuries

I got a phone call early this morning from one of my friends. One of our mutual friends is currently in the hospital in the ICU because of a horse related injury.  My friend was in her horse corral cleaning and brushing her horses. One of her horses decided he wanted to pick a fight with one of the horses and my friend got caught in the middle. One of the horses knocked her down and one or more of them stepped on her head. So now my friend has a fractured skull and had bleeding in her brain and had to have surgery to stop the bleeding.  Currently her prognosis is good and they removed her from the critical list this afternoon. Her motor functions are good, but her speech is not as good. She's been dropping words, not completing full sentences and struggling to find the right words. 

I went over to my friends house today and picked up her horses to care for them while she's in the hospital. So I'll be extra busy with more horses here. 
I'm planning on putting together a benefit trail ride to help my friend as she can't work for a while. The ride will happen within the next two months and will be at the Continental Divide trails that so many people were interested in riding at. I don't plan on it being an ACTHA type competition. I'm just asking for donations and maybe set up a raffle of some items If I get items donated. 

 So for all my New Mexico friends, please put the word out about the ride and keep an eye out for the ride details to come.  For any of my more distant friends, If you feel like making a donation either an item for a raffle or money to help with expenses I'll be working on setting up a fund for donations. 

One reminder, Take care when working around your horses.

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  1. Very scary! Do keep us up to date on your friends recovery, and the details of the benefit.Even those of us who are far away might be able to help some !