The Horse That Haunts Dreams

The Horse That Haunts Dreams

If you have a horse, then you know how other horse people are. They are always asking questions like: "How did you get your horse?", or "Why is your horse named that?", or "What was your first horse like?"

That is what this book is about. What my first horse was like, how I got my second horse, and then the one that replaced him.

This book is stories of my horses through time. Memories I'll never forget, but sometimes don't want to talk about. If you were here and asked me to talk about my horse, what is in this book is what I'd tell you.

My book is now available in Kindle format or full color paperback at It is also available at Smashwords, and Barnes and Noble in PDF, Nook and other e-book formats.

I've received a few comments like the following:

"I started reading your book Monday had to quit because I was crying and couldn't read the words. I love your story.--M"

"I got to chapter 6 and had to stop because it was so sad, but loved the rest.--T"

"Just read your book. Most excellent! Congrats. --A"

"The best $ I have ever spent!!, You need to write more, like a fiction western with you and Hobo. I cried like a baby.--C" 

One of my friends liked it so much she bought three more copies to give away as gifts. I'm happy my friends like it, and I'm glad they at least want me to know. Thanks for the support all of you.

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