Saturday, December 4, 2010

Stray Puppy

Today I had to haul a horse to the vet to get a Coggins test and found this cute puppy at the gate. He's about 6 months old and looks like a sheltie mix. From a distance he looks in pretty good shape, but that's because he's got a lot of hair hiding how skinny he really is.  He needs a new home because I just can't keep three dogs. I've already got two other strays and I still need to get Buddy neutered. So if you know any one looking for a cute sheltie mix let me know.

 The bigger red dog here is Buddy. He's the last stray to show up here at the house. As you can see the puppy is half his size. I don't expect this puppy to grow much more, his paws and legs are tiny and with his full set of adult teeth in the front, he's already about 6 months old and fairly well grown.

  I guess we will find out shortly if the puppy has ever been house trained. He's currently here in the house with the other two dogs and the two cats. He's doing well and isn't chasing the cats or harassing the other dogs. Nice and quiet and probably just enjoying the warmth and the comfort of his now full belly.


  1. Oh ! he is adorable! I can see how ribby he is thouhg ,poor little dude. Lucky , or maybe not that I don't live closer , you could have MAggie ,I could take the pup , and then I would be in BIG trouble with the hubby! ahh but he would come around

  2. Ahh! he is a cutie!!
    Hope you can find his owner!

  3. What happened with the stray puppy!

  4. Puppy went to a good foster home, got his shots and deworming, got neutered and is traveling to the Big city for an adoption event.