Monday, July 11, 2011

Busy times here on the farm

Up until this past weekend we had not had any rain so my garden was looking pretty sad. I've been busy watering almost every day because the wind would blow and dry out the ground faster then the water could soak in. Now that the rains have started, I'm not needing to water every day. I've also been harvesting a few things here and there. We finally had some fresh lettuce for salads, the dill is ready to pick and dehydrate the leaves for dill weed. We had cooked Kale for dinner tonight. But the biggest thing is we finally got our first ripe tomato. Only one so far and it was a cherry tomato, but at least we did get a tomato. The rest of the garden is just barely getting going. Even the Rhubarb has been lagging due to the hot dry conditions. You know it's bad in the garden when even the weeds aren't growing well.

I've also got duck, geese and chicken hens all setting on nests. I've had one crop of young chicks and ducks that are at least two months old now and I've also got a new set of one gosling, three ducklings, and 4 Turkey chicks. The hens on nests have nearly 30 eggs between all the nests. The vast majority are all duck eggs, but one hen has her own set of about 8 chicken eggs and there is at least one goose egg in the bunch. I'll have to wait and see what all hatches, but if I do get over-run with ducklings, I think we will have duck for Thanksgiving Dinner. I'll also have to wait and see if I have any turkey hens in the batch of turkey chicks. I'm hoping for hens because I already have two Toms. If I get more Tom's then I guess it will be Turkey for Christmas dinner.

The horses are all doing well. I hauled Baby Boy and Dream Girl over to the vet for some wolf teeth removal last week. Then I'm off to an ACTHA ride this weekend, but Keith had some work stuff to do so he couldn't go. I got a new saddle for Dream because of her wide shoulders, but I haven't had a lot of chance to use it because I've been busy in the garden. Now with the heavy rains and thunder and lightning each night when I get home, I'm also not getting much riding done.  Pretty soon though I need to get Baby boy started on the trails. Until then I'll be in the house crocheting or reading books on my new birthday present.


  1. Us, too. My little garden is just starting (my first one, too), and our water bill reflects the costs of having to water several times a day. We're getting the clouds and thunder in the afternoon, but if it does rain, it's just a sprinkle.

    I'm looking forward to seeing you and Ladybug this weekend, Anna. It will be Apache and I first ACTHA ride since last Spring. I'm a little nervous, because we just started riding again about a week ago, after taking the year off. I'm amazed that there are almost 80 riders signed up already!
    Will you be attending the dinner on Saturday night, too?
    Hubby will be in Phoenix, but I'm still planning on going. I only live 4 miles from Founders Ranch.
    Happy Birthday!


  2. Happy Birthday ! the weather sure has been a problem this year for us , we are soaking wet , and loaded with Skeeters! The hay is growing like crazy , but too wet to cut

  3. 'Twas wonderful to visit with you on Saturday!
    I always enjoy chatting with you. Next time NMMSAR hosts another ACTHA ride, you'll have to stop by my house, just down the road, for a visit. :)