Wednesday, May 30, 2012

It's almost official!!

Well the ACTHA ride season ends tomorrow and my mare Hobo's Dream Girl will officially be a top 10 competitive horse!! She ended the ride season with a bang and brought home two ribbons for her last two events. Her points will place her 6th in the State of NM and in the top 100 nation wide. I'm so excited for her and really, really happy because it's only her first year EVER in competition!

Below are some photos taken at different ACTHA events and fun rides. This first one taken by Lisa From Laughing Orca Ranch is of Dream and I and my friend Donna and her horse just before the water and slicker obstacle at the Estancia ACTHA ride.

 Another photo from Lisa as we are doing the water/slicker obstacle.

Lisa also sent this one from one of our fun rides at San Acacia on the day before one of the ACTHA events. I so love the fun rides there because we got A LOT of water crossing training as you can see.

Another one of my friends took this photo of us at one of the San Acacia ACTHA events where we had to trot through the tunnel of Salt Cedar in the background and then circle and comeback out.

and the National and state standings from the ACTHA website.

My National Ranking

Rank Pleasure Points

61 Anna Larson
Hobo`s Dream Girl

Rank Rider Horse Breed Points Number of Rides
1 Carol Wells Grady AQH 65 13
2 LuAnne Santiago Unexpected Tippy AQH 59 14
3 Lou Ann Jordan Chance APH 52 15
4 Karen Ruiz Rio Spanish Mustang 35 11
5 Nancy Freshour "Aspen", aka McFadden`s Summer Beauty Rocky Mountain Horse 30 5
6 Anna Larson Hobo`s Dream Girl Appaloosa 28 16
7 Laura Styron Fancy AQH 21 7
8 Laurie Boultinghouse HRA Grace Arabian Horse 19 6
8 Cindy Kavan-Winfield Cinco Holsteiner Horse 19 6
10 Kay Adams Sage Mustang 18 9
11 Wava OBrien JOR Picasso Peruvian Paso 15 13    


  1. Whoohooo! So excited for you and Baby Girl, Anna!!!!


  2. Wow Anna, You and Baby are doing SO well! I have several friend here in N TX who ride the ACTHA rides too. do you ever come this way? Just FYI, Janie mule celebrated her 29th birthday in May! Still going strong!

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