Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Horse That Haunts Dreams is almost ready!

My book The Horse That Haunts Dreams is almost ready for publishing. I’ve been working all this past weekend to review and correct the suggested edits from the editor. I’ve also created the cover and I’m working on the Kindle formatting for the book. The e-book will be exclusive to Kindle for 90 days before being published in other e-book formats. 

If you’ve read my blog then you have read portions of the story, but not the entire thing. You’ve seen some of the photos of my mule Shy Ann and I’ve also posted a couple chapters of Hobo’s life here. If you are interested in reading the entire story, stay tuned for the announcement of publication.

I decided to go forward with both a print version as well as the e-book. The print version will be full color so the cost for printing etc will be greater. I expect the book to sell for around $11.00.

The e-book will also have full color photos if you have a color reader, but the cost for the e-book is much less due to the elimination of printing and paper costs.

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