Saturday, September 19, 2015

Writing Prompts

This morning in one of my writing groups, I found a writing prompt that I really liked. The prompt was this: Write one or more lines that is set in the place you live (use local land marks) and add a dragon.

So I wrote the following: 

The old man looked up as the headline flashed across the TV screen: 
BREAKING NEWS and the reporter started talking. 

"This is Carson Jones reporting for KTRB News. I'd like to update you on the reported dragon situation." He looked up and scanned the skies. The camera panned to the sky as a large dark shape flew over their heads. 

With a shaky voice, the man continued,"There are hundreds or thousands of them. Sightings have been reported all over as the creatures continue their flight westward. Laguna Pueblo has reported significant damage to their herds of sheep and cattle as the dragons have swooped in and grabbed the animals. 

"We are now live at Sky City, the ancestral home of the Acoma. For the first time in over a thousand years, this city has failed to stop an invasion. The local residents are busy trying to put out the fires the dragons caused when they landed on the mesa top."

He paused again and scanned the sky again before continuing, "The flock of dragons has been sighted flying northwest toward Mount Taylor. KTRB news-copter is flying to the scene now. Stay tuned for more live coverage as the story unfolds."

More images flashed across the screen as the old man turned down the volume.  He lay back in his hospital bed with a smile. His plan had worked. With his lifelong mission accomplished, he could die in peace knowing that his family was finally free. 

The End.

I've been in a bit of a writing block lately and have a favor to ask. I saw another writing prompt that I need help with from you readers. The prompt is to have a friend give you two seemingly unrelated sentences and those will be the first line and last line of a story. So if you would like to see me try and write a story, send me a first line and a last line, and I'll try to put them together.


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