Saturday, October 24, 2015

It's fall on the farm and other stuff

Halloween is coming up soon and fall is here. Ladybug has just come back from the vet and she's doing well. She had a uterine infection and needed an infusion of antibiotics. The vet suspects that's the reason she didn't become in foal earlier this year. This is also a little bit of a lesson in vets. A vet might be good as several things, but maybe not every thing. In this particular case, I had Ladybug checked at the beginning of the breeding season this year. I had requested a culture on her even though she'd never had a foal before. The culture came back negative. Then I had her bred and she was ultra sounded three more times over the course of the summer. The first vet didn't know why she might not have gotten pregnant.

When I took her to the equine reproduction specialist, he knew almost immediately from the ultra sound that she had fluid in her uterus. I'm not saying the first vet did a bad job, but it just goes to show that experience in a particular aspect is important.

So Ladybug is now hopefully cleared up. She's gotten her antibiotics and hopefully she'll be ready to breed in the spring.

Dream is still lame and I've been riding Topper instead. Topper is coming along well despite being pretty green. Hopefully the miles on her will help settle her down.

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