Thursday, November 19, 2015

Friends of Bluewater Lake--Second Meeting

I went to the second meeting of the Friends of Bluewater Lake last night and ended up being voted in as the secretary for the newly formed association. 

I’ll keep you all informed of the developments of the “association” but for now, I did also talk with the Park Superintendent Andrew Armendariz for a few minutes as to going riding at the lake.

Andrew informed me that if you come into the Prewitt side (AKA North Side AKA Stoneridge Recreational Area) main entrance. For now you will have to park in the vacant lot just outside the main entrance right across from Trish’s Bluewater Lake Lodge and Horse Motel. From there you can unload and ride in through the gates next to the cattle guard. The $5.00 day use fee will apply. Or you can purchase an annual Day use pass good at every single state park (except Living Desert Zoo and Gardens in Carlsbad) for $40.00, which is a good deal if you go to different parks regularly or if you go to the lake more than eight times per year.

Andrew and his District Supervisor stated they are looking at the legalities and locations to use for a permanent equestrian unloading inside the park on that side. They stated that by spring or sooner, they should have an equestrian day use site available. On that side of the lake.
On the Thoreau Side (AKA the South side AKA Las Tusas Recreation area) you can pull into the park anywhere and unload at any location as long as you don’t unload right on the newly paved black top.

The Friends of the Lake will be developing by-laws and a Cooperative agreement with the state park very soon. Once we get approved, then we will be holding a membership drive if anyone is interested. 

I'll be creating a separate blog for the Friends Association you can find the link here

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