Saturday, May 1, 2010

Derby Day Ride

Well the weather held off and let me get in an early afternoon ride today.  See all those black clouds behind me? The prediction for the day on weather is only 10% rain. 

Only in New Mexico can you see partly cloudy skies and snow or rain. It didn't  snow very hard, and we had some open blue skies and sun but we also had some snow.  I finally got Keith to take some photos of me on The Bug just before we headed out on the trail.  We rode two hours and probably covered nearly 8-9 miles.  Even though she's much fatter then she's ever been, she's still quite fit. We walked most of the way, but we went up hills, down hills, over logs and wove in between trees.  We did a good warm up jog down before we got up into the trees and hills.  The Bug was still feeling good to go when we got back to the house. I cut the ride short because I don't want her getting over worked at the moment. I'd like to get her a bit thinner and more fit before we go on any longer rides. 

We got home just in time to clean up The Bug right before the Big Race. I got to watch another totally awesome ride by Calvin Borel on this years Derby winner Super Saver.

Tomorrow the weather is supposed to be worse than today so I don't know if I'll be able to get in a ride, but I'm hoping the weather man is wrong about it tomorrow.  I'm hoping I'll be able to ride Baby Girl tomorrow in the arena.


  1. Well she is chubby , but a good looking horse all the same

  2. Both you and Bug look great! I'm glad Keith got some photos of you, too. It's always pretty cool to see photos of yourself riding a horse. They make for fond memories one day. :)

    That's terrific that you were able to fit in such a wonderful ride before the storm blew in.