Thursday, April 29, 2010

This weeks Riding

Monday was Topper's turn for a work out. We rode a bit in the arena then headed out on the trails. This was Toppers first trail ride in over a year due to her recent injuries. Everything went great until we finished the first 1.5 mile loop and headed up the hill for the second loop.  Suddenly I feel something different with the reins. I look down and one rein is not pointed in the right direct it's dropped down in front of her legs. Here we are headed up hill at a slow jog and the tie on the slobber strap comes apart. So I pull the offside rein gently and Topper comes to the perfect one rein stop. I figured that was the perfect spot to end the ride on a perfect note. I got off and found my slobber strap a couple steps back and we walked back home to unsaddle.  Even with an equipment malfunction that was a really good ride.

Tuesday was Dream Girl's turn. She's just been started with her training. She's only be ridden about 5 times or so.  I saddle her up and head to the round pen.  We worked on stops and turns and a little bit of trotting with a rider. She's responding really well and I hope that soon she'll be ready for some short trail rides.

Wednesday was not so nice of a day weather wise. The wind was blowing like crazy. I had the choice of riding Ladybug or fatso mule. Since fatso mule hasn't been ridden in quite a while, I chose her. We only went about a mile and a half since she's so out of shape but even with the wind, the ride was good.

Thursday is a total bust. Nasty wind, blowing snow, extremely cold and definately not a day to work a horse. Friday's weather forecast isn't much better so I'm not planning on riding until at least Saturday. I'll need to get my riding done early enough that I can come in and watch the Derby in the afternoon. Maybe Sunday will be another good day to ride.

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  1. Sounds like you have had a productive couple of days . Good girl for Topper stopping so nicely