Friday, April 9, 2010

The End

This is finally the end (I really hope) of a seriously BAD week.  Here's basically how the week went!

Call the vet and the backhoe operator to find out where they were on Saturday instead of at my house as planned. Back hoe operator said "gate was locked, couldn't get in". Vet says "I called and you didn't answer".  Ok, figured out that Vet's assistant wrote my phone number wrong. Spent a while rescheduling both the vet and the Backhoe operator. Then spend the rest of the day explaining to people that a notice of Value is NOT a tax bill. Why don't people fully read their valuations?

Go out to drive to work and the Green Hornet (AKA Ford Explorer) won't start. It's about 20 degrees out and the wind's blowing like 30 mph. Had to re-awaken "The BEAST" ( aka multi colored Dodge truck).  Leave work early enough to get home in time to change clothes before vet and backhoe operator get here. Wind still blowing like crazy and wind chill makes it feel like zero or below. 
Waiting for backhoe, drive down to gate to see if he things the gate is locked, but nope not there. But he sees me, turns out he's parked at the next gate down the road at the neighbors locked gate. So he unloads the backhoe and starts digging at the post he had planned to lay Big Mamma to rest.
Backhoe hits a monster rock and blows a hydraulic hose. Has to load up and take it to get fixed so no hole finished to bury Big Mamma.  
Then Vet shows up. Went a head and had him euthanize the mare, but Big Mamma gave a whole new meaning to Appaloosa tough!  After a full 100 CC dose of Euthanasia Solution, Big mamma is still up and WALKING around as if nothing happened. And I don't mean head dragging, and stumbling. I mean Head up, alert looking and walking.  It takes a complete double dose to send that tough old mare to heaven. 
 Go check the Green Hornet and it starts fine.

Ready to go to work and the Green hornet won't start again. Still really cold about 20 degrees. Had to take "The BEAST" again.  Waited on a call from the back hoe operator almost all day because they said they would call as soon as they got it fixed. Had to leave work early again to get here for the burial. in between all that still had to deal with more customers who can't read the part that says " This is NOT a tax bill" After work, check the Green Hornet again and it starts fine. Stupid thing is just to cold blooded.

The Green Hornet starts only because we plugged that stupid block heater in to the electric out let. Why in the world would you need a block heater on a regular gasoline engine? Stupid Green Hornet won't start on cold days with out that block heater. Get to work and have to deal with more people who can't or won't read that part that says "This is NOT a tax bill" Then late afternoon, some guy comes in and wants to know why his name is removed from a piece of property. Won't accept the answer is that because his own brother took him to court and won the property in a legal battle. Leaves threatening to come back with a gun and shoot all of us for something his brother did.
There was one bright spot to Thursday! The weather was beautiful, and I went for a perfect ride with "The Bug".

Get Green Hornet started and then needed to run back in the house for something. Stupid thing pops out of park into reverse with the drivers door open, backs itself down the driveway and hangs the door up on a tree. Not ton's of damage, but the door won't shut right. At least it shuts.  Drive to work with the skewed door and then at work the stupid door won't shut again! Two really nice guys at work fixed it for me though. Still dealing with people who can't read that " This is NOT a tax bill " part of their notice of Property Value. AT 4:30 PM this guy comes in to talk about his property and all the issues he's got with this at that. 5:00 rolls around and he's still talking. Got all his issues resolved, but now he just wants to chat. Can't get him to leave. Finally at 15 minutes after quitting time we tell him they are locking up the main doors of the building and shutting off all the lights and this guy is still chatting away.

So now it's Friday evening, I'm home and I so hope this is the end of this Horrible week. After this week, the weekend better be much better! Man I think my Rat Week at NMMI was easier than this week. 


  1. I really feel for you. Just hope this weekend is so much better and next weeks is awesomely wonderful. Love ya, Mom

  2. Hugs ! sounds like you could use a quiet weekend!It is tough when they wont go down ,tough old dolly!

  3. Yikes.....a week like that would drive me to drink....and heavily, too.

    Sure hope that guy wasn't crazy enough to be serious, and he never comes back with his weapon.

    Stay safe,