Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Horse Shuffle

I called the vet on Monday and the soonest I can get The Bug in for an ultrasound is Friday. Based on the foaling calculator for a normal length pregnancy and the date that Booger Butt was gelded, Bug's first due date could be as soon as Thursday. So I had to do the horse shuffle last night after work. Topper is still NOT allowed to go back into the pasture where she's had so many injuries before. We still need to fix the fence down in the back corner where they neighbor horses have torn it up again. Roany hasn't had a chance to meet the rest of the pasture crew up close either, but she's buddies with Topper.  So the pasture is OUT for Roany and Topper. Topper and Roany got moved from their pens into the arena. The pens for Topper and Roany got reshuffled back into one big round pen and Ladybug got moved into that pen.  Since the round pen is right in front of the house and right outside the bathroom window, I can now keep a better eye on the Bug for just in case. Since she was hanging out in the pasture with Baby Girl and Booger Butt, I needed to bring her in closer to be able to see her instead of trying to find her in 6 acres with a lot of trees. It looks like Bug is happy to be alone for a while.

Since I don't know positively, BUT she LOOKS like she might be in foal, it never hurts to be prepared. Just looking at her, I"m fairly convinced that she's in foal.  Even though it wasn't planned, I do hope that the Bug really is in foal and that Booger Butt is the daddy.  I got to thinking about it last night and wondering what if I was lucky enough to have one more chance to have a foal to carry on the bloodlines from my old mare Big Mamma. So now here I sit, hoping for a pretty little filly.

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