Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Bug Watch

Well I woke up this morning to find Bug jogging in her pen. She's extremely agitated this morning. She's been testing the fences to try and find a weak spot. She wants out of that pen now! She's been pacing and pawing and she even ignored her feed this morning. Last night she ate like she was starving to death and this morning she's barely touched any of her feed.  

I"m pretty sure this is not a colic because she's already pooped three times in a half hour period, she's not attempting to lay down and roll and she's not kicking at her belly, but she does keep looking backwards. 

I called in from work originally to tell them I'd be a little late hoping that she would settle down, well I had to call back and tell them I'm probably not coming in at all today.  She does not yet look like she's ready to foal, she's not fully bagged up and the tail head is not slack enough yet, but she's not stood still for more than 5 minutes since at least 6:30 this morning.  She's also been very vocal this morning nickering at me and all the other horses. There are a lot of things that are totally NOT normal behaviors this morning so here I sit at my door watching her pace her pen.

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  1. I find my mares can get that way a week or so prior to foaling , seems like as the foal gets larger thay begin to position it for foaling and it makes them uncomfortable. Hope all is well