Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Attention ALL POA people!

OK so I've been wondering about Roany, and thought I'd use this blog to find an answer. So if you know anyone involved with POA's (Pony of the America's) , please pass the link to this post on to them. 

I want to know if anyone recognizes this mare as a registered POA. She's approximately 15 and may have been born a solid bay or with a small blanket and then roaned out. She had four black legs and hooves, and a brand on the right shoulder that looks like a D with tails, a / and a W. She stands approximately 47-48 inches tall on recently trimmed hooves.  She does not appear to have any white markings on her face or legs. She has been in the State of New Mexico for at least 7- 10 years so that means she would have been sold fairly young to the previous owner.

If you know anything that might help us find her history please leave a comment on the blog or contact me through my profile. Please pass this blog link along to anyone you know who has POA's. Thanks

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