Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Bug has to see the vet!

Just when I hoped all would be better, more things keep popping up. This issue could be bad or good depending on the outcome. I have to schedule a vet visit for "The Bug". It appears that she she MIGHT have a "bug". I kept telling Keith to lay off the feed, the horses are getting to fat, but the more I look at Bug, the more I think, that just can't be all fat!

Then just take a look UNDER her Belly!

Houston we have a problem! Yep I'm having to have a pregnancy test for Bug.

My problem is "Who's the father?!"

Well we have two choices.

Option 1: Booger Butt (AKA Bright Snow Eagle) managed to hit a one shot wonder sometime in the short window just before or just after he was gelded last year. This is by far my most acceptable answer. I'd rather this be the case even if it means explaining how a yearling colt came in contact with a receptive mare. Because option 2 is not so nice.

Option 2: The neighbors either have a cryptorchid or monorchid gelding, or they put in a stallion in the pasture with their one mare last year. They currently have a sorrel gelding and a gray gelding and a Bay mare. The Bay is by far the best looking of the bunch. I have no clue if any are registered and even if they are, neither gelding looks good enough to produce a decent foal.

So here are my "choices" for the possible father IF the Bug is pronounced to be in foal.

Option 1:

OR Option 2

I'm a bit more concerned about the gray one because he seems the most "studdy" with the bay mare he's with. I've been a bit worried about them this year so far because Baby Girl has also been spending a lot of time it seems in the back corner this year also. and the past two times (this year and last year ) that Topper got hurt, it was in the same back corner next to the neighbor's property. We also have to keep repairing the fence in that spot pretty regularly. We are even planning another 'repair trip' to that corner next weekend after Keith gets back from his work trip. What is even worse, the neighbor hasn't made any attempts to help fix the fence.

I really hope that the Bug is not in foal, but if she is, I really hope and pray that my little Booger Butt is the father. Because in this case, I can file late stallion reports, get a parentage verification for him, and Bug and the foal and prove he's the sire and get the foal registered with the proper pedigree, (and not a bad one at that).   Plus that would mean I get one more chance to have a foal to carry on Big Mamma's bloodlines.  It may sound bad to screw up and let a yearling colt breed one of your mares, but to me in this case it's better then the second option of having some strange horse of unknown breeding and not so great of looks breeding your mare across the fence.


  1. Fingers crossed that it is Bogger Butt if she is in foal, kinda looks that way from the photo.

  2. Hope all is OK. She is so beautiful! Ros

  3. The way I figure things out, Ladybug only has from now to late May to have a baby that might be Booger Butt's foal. After that I'm stuck with some other unknown stallion as a father.