Monday, April 26, 2010

Who got the better work out?

Yesterday was a busy day here in the mountains. We totally replaced 430 Ft of pasture fencing. Keith did the hard work, But I did other stuff so we are trying to figure out who got the better workout.

Keith started out by undoing the old fencing rolling it all up and moving it out of the way, straightening up and fixing the posts and then rolled out the new fencing and stretched it and tied it all up to all the posts.

I helped him undo the old fencing, then back to the house and pulled the jeans out of the washer and hung them out on the clothes line, then put in a new load. Went back to the pasture and helped with more fencing chores, then back to the house later to pull out the second load of clothes and hang them out on the line and put in the last load of clothes in the washer. Set out a sprinkler for the garden, then back to the pasture for manure moving, then back to the house to hang out the last load of clothes,  peeled the potatoes, carrots and parsnips to put in with the roast in the crock pot. Then outside to move the sprinkler. Picked up the eggs from the chickens, watered the Mule in the round pen.  Went back out to the pasture to assist with fencing and more manure moving. 

So basically I was running back and forth from the pasture to the house doing all kinds of things while Keith was replacing the fencing. Both of us are a bit sore today but we still have a little more fence fixing to do before we are totally finished. We can only hope that the replaced fencing will help keep the Money Pit (Topper) safe from any more serious injuries, but some how she got a tiny cut the other day in the arena and we can't find any place for her to get cut.  I swear that mare will get hurt even if she's in a padded stall.

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  1. I would suspect overall you got the better workout as you were changing things up , more like interval training , whereas your hubby was doing straight muscle work. I bet you are both feeling it today though!