Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Welcome to the Quarterpintaloosa Horse club

ApHC wants to allow dual registered Paint and AQHA horses for breeding to Appaloosas. Yet a Paint breeder is intent on creating a significant number of dual registered horses. The ApHC Registrar, who just happens to own breed and raise Paints, has recently decided that a dual registered Paint/Quarter horse, that happens to hold not one, not even two, but three PAINT reserve world championships,  is NOT a Paint by bloodlines.  Here we have below is a Paint breeder intent on breeding dual registered Paint/Quarter Horses. ApHC will currently allow those dual registered horses to be used as acceptable crossbreeds for the Appaloosa horse. Yet here we see a Paint breeder discussing how those minimally marked bloodlines are what he's using to create colored Paint/Quarter horses. 

How can AQHA papers mean Quarter horse breeding, yet somehow that set of Paint papers doesn't mean the horse has Paint breeding? According to the ApHC registrar, Seriously Secure a three Time Paint champion isn't really a Paint just because he's got a set of Quarter Horse papers.

A Paint Horse breeding program can now be engineered-using a double registered stallion and a single-or double-registered Quarter Horse mares- to potentially produce 100 percent registered Quarter Horses. With the right set of double registered mares and/or single registered Quarter Horse mares with overo markers, that same program has the potential to produce 90 percent double-registered horses."

“And the Paint Horse breeder has now been given the opportunity to build a breeding program that’s totally free of Breeding-Stock horses, and with the potential of appealing to a 300 percent larger sales market”, Reisinger says. What would you do?”

Some one please tell me how any of this can be "GOOD" for the Appaloosa horse.


  1. This is not only NOT good for the Appaloosa, it is a huge step backwards and a travesty if allowed to remain in force. Nice summation of the situation!

  2. And yet purebred Appalooosas, with foundation breeding and no more than one outcroos, at least 3 generations back , are subject to DNA, and releatedly required to submit additional photos to prove thier eligibility?