Thursday, February 3, 2011

Memories and Dreams

Today is the day. It's been four full years since I last saw him. I'm not quite so depressed as the last three years and I suppose in time it will get better.  Even though I really miss my best buddy, I've got things to look forward to this year. The Dream that morphed into reality is out in my pasture waiting for me now. I've got plans for riding and hopefully showing and competing this year. 

Sometimes when one dream dies another begins.


  1. I hope for you as the new Dream grows, only happy memories of Hobo will remain

  2. Oh God, I know how you feel>> we are forced to move on and have a stiff upper lip> and say all the right things for the people around us...
    Sometime a spirit comes into our lives with such pleasure, love, comfort, and joy, and they are like magic...
    My Jessica (photo) was that way> the hole in my heart and soul was so huge, I agreed to let Issabella (one week old today) into my life, and it is a relief, I am looking forward to her being here, and love her for the healing she's brought and brings with her >> in numerology she is a "22" she will be an outstanding girl.
    I did not know "Hobo" but I would imagine the Dream was sent from him... Charlotte