Thursday, February 4, 2010

Dreams and horses

Have you ever gone to bed at night and when you woke up you remembered a dream that just stuck with you for days or weeks on end? Have you ever had a dream that actually predicted some future event even partially? I have had several such dreams ever since I was in Junior High. I can remember dreaming about a camping trip that eventually took place a year later. I've dreamed about things like one of my friends getting into a car wreck and having a very similar even actually occur a few months later.

Have you ever purchased a horse based on on a dream?

As I posted yesterday, I had a very special horse who died. Well about a month after he died, I started having a very insistent dream. I see a field of green lined with large trees. In the field is a bay dun Appaloosa foal with minimal white markings. The foal was suppose to be a colt with a white star on the forehead and 4 generation all Appaloosa bloodline pedigree. This foal is supposed to be for me. In my dream, people are trying to sell me the foal or even just give him to me and telling me this foal carries a spirit that belongs to me. Basically the dream implies that this foal is the reincarnation of my old gelding Hobo. I tried to ignore this dream. I didn't actively search for any foals for sale. It just happened one day on a forum, a lady posted a foal for sale along with a few photos.

The first thing I thought was WOW that is the pasture I saw in my dreams! Then I thought no way, this just can't be the foal in my dreams because it's a filly and the white star is not there. But something kept nagging me. Something kept telling me to look past the differences. So I pulled up her pedigree and I was totally completely shocked! This filly had the 4 generation Appaloosa bloodline pedigree that kept being emphasized in my dream, but I couldn't figure out quite why until I saw the pedigree.

On her sire side was a horse named MISSOURI HOBO.  Then I looked at her dam side and found this PLAUDITS ANNABELLE. I just knew that this could not all be a coincidence. How many times to you run across a horse similar to what you have seen in a dream? Even more amazing, a horse that has YOUR name AND the name of your recently lost most favorite horse's name in the pedigree? Finally this filly was born just 3 days before the dreams started nagging my sleep.  I bought her almost right then and there.


  1. Meant to be ,I would say.
    I have never dreamed an event that clearly , but I dreamed years ago about a colt born ,high stockings ,blue eyes and a wide blazre with just a varnish roan pattern .Many years later I walked outside to find FV Wild Card the exact image in my dream standing by his mom. I remember saying to my dad "I dreamed that colt"