Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Money Pit is injured AGAIN

Yes that is her, and no she's not dead, dying or extremely seriously injured. She's just rolling in the snow. This happens just about every time that it's going to be nice or we want to ride. She finds more ways to get hurt than any other horse I've ever owned. We finally get a full week of predicted nice weather combined with a three day weekend and I come home to a hurt horse.

Judging by the next sets of photos you wouldn't even guess that she's injured.


But she sure is and it will require a trip to the vet this morning. She had managed to rip up her lower leg just above the coronet band. As you can see my pastures and pens are all full of snow and unfortunately where there is no snow there is mud.

I had to move her from the pasture to the round pen just to get her out of the mud. The good thing is that running and playing in the fresh pristine snow has cleaned the wound quite a bit. This was the best photo I got of the wound.  I had to shave her legs and clean her up in the snow. Then we moved her to a friends house to get her out of the snow and the mud. They still have a little bit of mud, but it's not nearly as bad as my house, and she has a stall that we can enclose her in if we need to. It looks like she's staying over there for several weeks until that heals up.


  1. Sorry she is hurt , but I gotta say ,that is one gorgeous money pit!

  2. That's too bad about her injury. Do you know how she did it?

    She really is pretty though. You got some great action shots of her.

  3. Topper (AKA the Money Pit) has a LONG standing habbit of getting hurt. This mare could get hurt locked in a completely padded stall. At the moment we don't know exactly what she was doing to get cut up. It could be something in the pasture under the snow, she could have reared up and cut it on something etc. Last year she reared up or pawed at something and stabbed her leg in midair and nearly skinned half her leg. One year she ran into a tree and got a 2 inch long little branch stuck in under her skin. She manages to find EVERYTHING that might hurt a horse and all the others let her while avoiding the danger for themselves.

  4. Accident prone, eh? What a bummer. I hope the stinker heals up quickly. Someone's got to tell her that horses don't get 9 lives...just one sweetums. lol!


  5. Poor girl, hope she is doing better now! She is gorgeous!!