Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Fox in the Hen House

At least that's what we think has been getting into the chicken pen. Thursday night I came home to 4 dead chickens all piled up in one corner of the chicken pen. One chicken was stuck in the fence where the offending creature had tried to pull it through the fence and failed. I didn't have time to fix the fence since it was already late and dark and Friday was another work day. Friday I didn't have time to fix the fence because we were dealing with Topper's injury, finding her a clean dry spot to stay and things like that.  So Saturday morning we wake up to find one more dead chicken in the same spot. So after driving to town to see the vet and getting hay, we went to the Home Depot and  got more chicken wire to fix the fence. 

Do it Best Imp/Fence 764000 Poultry Netting

At least the weather has been nice and the snow is really starting to melt. I can finally see bare patches of ground. It was nice and warm while I was out fixing the fence. I sure hope it stays that way for a while longer. Since our chicken killer doesn't come back every day, we will have to wait and see how well the fixed fence holds up to hungry creatures.

The horses came over to investigate what I was doing in the chicken pen since it borders the horse pasture. There are three kinds of horses when it comes to working in or near the pasture or barns.

1. The lookie-loos are the ones who come over look around and leave and go back to eating, sleeping or playing. Shy Monster falls into that category. She comes, she looks, she goes back to see what food everyone else left behind.

2. The inspectors come over look and test your work and make sure it's tight enough. Bug is the inspector of our herd. She comes over, flips the fence around a bit, nods her head in approval and leaves.

3. The assistant is the one who thinks you need help even if you don't. Help includes blowing in your face so that your glasses fog up, or sticking her nose in the area you are trying to pull a wire through the fence to tie it up, blowing in your ear to help keep you warm or any other number of helping duties. Baby Girl and Booger Butt are the helpers in this crowd.


  1. Darn chicken killer! And why is that chickens just have to stick their heads into the openings holes and give it to the predators? We went with the extra small openings in our chicken wire and we've not had any problems yet. It's so frustrating to lost a chicken to a predator. It's like a thief broke in an stole your possesions. Sounds like the theif needs to go to critter jail! beh!

    You've got the whole spectrum of horse personalities, too. I enjoyed hearing about what 'hard workers' they are for you. hehe!


  2. gah! spell check please? lol!

    "thief" not theif, "lose" not lost. pfft!