Sunday, February 7, 2010

Super Bowl Sunday

I'm not at all a football fan and I have a long history of finding something else to do on Superbowl Sunday. One year I enjoyed an awesome performance by the Lippizaner Stallions

This Sunday I went to see the farewell Tour of Riverdance.
Riverdance: Music From The Show
I really enjoyed the performance, but I just wish I'd seen the show when Michael Flatley was still with the show. The show was definately worth seeing. This year is the 15th Anniversary of the show and the final year of performances. So if you haven't seen it yet, you might want to try and find out if they will be performing in your area.

There was a pretty big winter storm warning for the day and it snowed on us on the way to town. I was worried we would miss the show.  We were in fact almost late and were the last two people to arrived. We got to our seats just as the lights were being lowered. We bought our tickets in January and had tried to get the tickets for Saturday, but by mid-January, Saturday was already sold out. Our tickets for Sunday were also almost all sold out and I think we got the last two seats that were together.

When we left the theater, we were concerned about the travel home, but the roads were all clear on the way. It was a very good day even with the brief, but very heavy snow storm.

PS Congratulations to the Saints on their first ever Super Bowl win.


  1. I am with you ! the Lipizzaners or Riverdance! I have seen both and would again in a heartbeat.Football on TV for me is kinda like watching Paint dry ,in person I love it ,but on TV,nope

  2. BTW, posted about another Dun on my blog ,and no I am not trying to make you crazy , I will post a chestnut next(lol)

  3. I've always wanted to see the Lippizaners, but my schedule never works out when they're in town. Lucky you to go see RiverDance, too. What a great way to spend a Sunday. I was stuck at home as it snowed all day, and I still can't get out of my driveway with the foot of snow we have.