Monday, February 15, 2010

The Equine Vet Kit

At my house a little bitty equine vet kit like this one just doesn't work. There is just not enough stuff in it for my horses needs. And if you have a horse like my Money Pit, you really need a big one.
Vet First Aid Kit (equine)

I built up my own vet kit. first I went to Home Depot and got this really cool rolling tool box.

And then I stuffed it full of the majorly important stuff needed for a horse wound emergency. Unfortunately this tool box as big as it is, still isn't big enough for ALL the equine leg wraps, hock wraps, and knee wraps. Those all have a box of their own. This still has one package of roll cotton. 
Cotton Roll Sterile (1 lb) 12-1/2" x 56"

Several rolls of roll gauze.
First Aid Only 4" Sterile Conforming Gauze Roll Bandage, 12-Count Bags 
Tons of Vet wrap
3M Vetrap 2" x 5 yd, Color: ASSORTED 
Betadine Scrub
Betadine Scrub 16 oz. 

Gauze pads
1200 Non-Sterile Gauze Pads/Sponges 4x4 12 Ply 4" x 4" Bandages
And a bunch of other topical  ointments and wound care treatments. 

Then the neat thing about this tool box is the upper level, where I've put  things like bandage sissors
Lister Bandage Scissors
and Duct Tape, contractor grade tape is the best for wrapping hooves.
Gray (Duct) Tape - 2in. x 60 Yard Length 
A hoof pick or two as well as some hoof knives.
F Dick Narrow Blade - Right HandOster Equine Care Series Hoof Pick, Blue

 a flashlight
Mag-Lite ST4D016 4-D Cell LED Flashlight, Black
and clippers to shave around wounds
Oster Professional 76023-510 Fast Feed Clipper with Adjustable Blade

Then in the lit there are a couple really small compartments that are perfect for a second small flashlight with extra batteries and needles and syringes. 

So whats in your vet kit?


  1. I did a "whats in your kit post last year , so I cheated and went back to copy my list for you, here it is
    1)absorbent dressings- abdominal (surgical ) dressings , feminine hygiene pads , diapers ,all work I don't have a preference except for size and NOTHING SCENTED
    2) Vet wrap
    3) Kling ( a stretchy gauze type roll that clings to itself)
    4) Epsom salts
    5) Glycerin (when made into a paste with Epsom salts ,makes a wonderful safe poultice)
    6) Boraform(blue antiseptic spay) Derma gel ,Hibitane cream
    7) Betadine solution ,and scrub
    8) Surgical scrub brushes ( I get these used single use scrubs from the vet ,they are used to clean hand before surgery and are clean,not sterile and often still have a good amount of hibitane soap left in them .They also have an ultra soft brush side good for cleaning and mildly debriding wounds)
    9)duct tape and or Hypafix tape (hypafix is a dressing tape used for people ,sticks to anything including horse hair)
    10) Furacin ,( not advocated for long term use on wounds as it can promote proud flesh ,but used for a couple days will give a wound a good start)
    11) water bottles with squeeze tops (works better to flush a wound than constantly refilling a syringe)
    12) Gauze 4X4's
    13) Antibiotic granules ( for those horses that would rather jump on your head than accept a shot)
    14) inject able antibiotics
    15) Banamine
    16) Bute
    17)Aspirin (not for the horse that jumps on your head ) this is a trick I learned years ago ,crush a couple aspirin in about 2 tbsp of Furacin and paint on proud flesh DO NOT COVER ,leave on about 12 hrs and wash off it will help to gently break down the proud flesh(granulated tissue)
    18) Phone #s to your vet/vets should be handy to you ,the last thing you need is to be searching for the number
    19) Mineral oil
    20 ) Crest regular toothpaste (great for ringworm)
    21) Bottle of good Vodka ,cause if you need more than this kit ,you will likely need a stiff drink!!

    Edited to add , stethoscope,fencing pliers , needles syringes , disposable gloves Penaten( or any diaper cream, great for great for sunburn anmd assorted other dermatalogical issues

  2. BTW I love the cart you got to store stuff , mine is in big rubbermaid containers or the cupboard and I have to use a laundry basket to haul it all out. Heading to Home depot ASAP

  3. My vet phone numbers I keep programed into my cell phone at all times. I have ALL three local vest numbers in the cell phone just in case I can't get a hold of the regular one.