Sunday, February 28, 2010

New addition sort of

My nephew Christopher is getting his first pony! I had a hand in getting it for him by telling my sister about this mare at the vet clinic that was up for sale for the cost of the vet bill. She was a bit dehydrated and had not had her feet trimmed in like 8 months and was basically a case of owner neglect. But she's not in excessively bad shape just needs a hoof trim and a few good groceries.

She's coming to stay at my house temporarily until my sisters friend gets a stall ready. I'm going to pick her up from the vet on Wednesday and bring her here, then next weekend Christopher and my sister are going to try and come over for a short ride.


  1. We are super excited. Anna did good by finding this little mare. She is so mellow and sweet tempered. Christopher will have, I hope, many happy years with her!

  2. I will add for those reading this (I am Anna's sister)...after today and her being surrounding by 3 kids who have issues comprehending the words..."no running"...the little mare performed beautifully. She is FANTASTIC!!!!!

    Thanks Anna for finding her, boarding her for a few months, and hauling her there and for everything else!!!!! :-)