Friday, February 12, 2010

Don't Tax the Tortilla!!!

That is the big protest of the day here in New Mexico. Our State legislature is looking at repealing a law that prevents food items from being taxed. Items that may soon be taxed again include several New Mexico staple foods including white flour tortillas, salsa, chili pods and white rice.

The new bill in our legislature would only exempt from taxes the foods on the  Federal Womens, Infants, and Children food program (AKA WIC).  There was a big protest at the capitol today.  The legislature failed to pass a bill that would require large corporations that have stores in more than one state to pay their share of state taxes for the stores within the state and now they want to tax food again. In most states those large corporations are required to pay taxes on the income earned by the stores within that state, but not here in New Mexico.

According to the Legislature statement, the tax will be on NON-nutritional foods to help the residents of the State of New Mexico eat healthier. But included on the list of things that will be taxed include honey, yogart, potatos, and even nuts. That means our pecan and pistachio orchards will be taxed for selling their nuts. New Mexico is second only to Georgia in the production of pecans.

Watch out world, the tortilla war is coming. People in New Mexico are not happy tonight.

Don't Tax the Tortilla!!!!


  1. Jeez, it's not much, but not paying sales tax on food does help us at the grocery store. That is sad news indeed!

  2. Surprised thet they are tsxing food items! with the ecomomy in such poor shape I am sure that will be just enough to break a few people that were until now scraping by

  3. New Mexicans Against Tortilla Tax