Monday, February 8, 2010

Projects finished and still in progress

Two scarves finished. The blue and green one is my first finished project off the Knifty Knitter loom. I'm going to need a good hat pattern to go along with it so that I can use up the other skein of yarn and have a matching set. The multi-colored one is a crocheted ribbon yarn scarf.

Here are a couple of crochet coin purses and an eyeglass case made from some of the scrap yarns left over. The white and colored one was a combination of the ribbon yarns left over the the scarf and some white yarn left over from making my nephews Christmas blanket. The white and maroon one was the left over yarn from the hand warmers I made earlier. These are all finished except to find the right buttons to for each one.

My unfinished projects include a green boxed shell cape.  I've made this cape pattern before with a different yarn and liked it so much that I'm trying it again with this yarn. 

This triangle shawl is quite easy to make and I've just started it. I made a similar one out of different yarns for my sister for Christmas. This one I'm going to try and sell at the Arts and Crafts Fair in Town next winter. It still needs a few more rows to finish it off.

This purple and green item was intended to be a shawl or shrug. I'm a little worried that I'm running a bit short on yarn so I'll have to see. I do love the colors though and just may keep this one for myself.

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