Friday, February 5, 2010

A dream girl comes home

That little filly I bought because of a nagging dream finally arrived at my house. The horse hauler unloaded her and we put her in her new pen to settle in. I go back down the hill with the horse hauler so that I can open the gate for him. When I walk back up the hill to the house, I see the baby girl standing beside Keith getting a good petting. Then she sees me, lifts her head and walks away from Keith toward me and whinnys as if to say, " Hi, I'm here!"
Baby girl here has so much in common with my old man Hobo. Over the last three years she's revealed more and more traits that do make me wonder sometimes. She has earned her name Hobo's Dream Girl and she was worth taking the risk of buying because of a dream.


  1. If my daughter saw your horses, she'd want to move near you, just so she could brush them and maybe beg for a ride :)

    She adores horses but city living and a small paycheck really dampen your spirits when it comes to owning a horse. She had a gorgeous arabian mare for 3 years when we had a farm and she misses her every day.

    Lucky you :)

    MariAngel (ravelry)

  2. Beautiful mare! Great story. I want to hear more.

    And hopefully I'll be able to find my 'dream' horse one day, too.


  3. Just "dropped" in from EC but was so fascinated by your posts that I kept reading and reading and almost forgot to drop! Glad to hear you followed your instincts and that they turned out right. I have the same sort of precognition from time to time, so your story rings true.