Saturday, March 12, 2011

My new home away from home!

Well my new horse trailer arrived last weekend and we got around to starting to stock it up and getting it ready for spring and summer competitions. I've got a whole new list of things to get over time to make it even better. The biggest thing on the list will be a newer truck to pull it with.  

Here you see the back end where the black panels are actually removable plexi-glass. Removal in the summer allow for more airflow over the open stock type bars underneath.

And on this side we have the drop down feeder door with windows for the horses.
And the inside of the horse area

And the inside of the 'camping/living"area from the corner where we are going to put in an upright corner water storage tank. ( another wish list item)
And the view from the sleeping area where we want to put in a 2 or 3 inch memory foam covering the entire area. (another wish list item). The horse trailer I've been borrowing has a mattress stuffed up in this area and if you roll off the side of the mattress you get stuck. so we figured that completely filling the space with a memory foam pad would make it more comfortable.

And finally the Biggest selling point of all, a relatively new rarely used Heater/ air conditioner combo. That alone really got Keith interested in the whole trailer. Now we have to find a small generator to operate it when we are out camping. (one more wish list item).
The trailer was an awesome deal and I'm so glad I had a friend who thought enough of me to save it specially for me! I can't wait to start taking it out on the trails and having fun with Keith and the horses! It will make it's debut appearance at the April ACTHA rides hosted by Walkin N Circles Ranch. So if you don't recognize me because of the new trailer, you should be able to recognize me by the horse tied to it.
 She's a little hard to miss don't you think? See ya all out on the trails!


  1. My dad would call that a "great rig" looks like it is too! Enjoy!

  2. Congrats on the new trailer! Looks like a great rig. I have a pretty extensive wish list too when it comes to most anything to do with horses and specifically trailers and trucks. LOL

  3. MMmm, I like the horse best :) Nice trailer though, our setup is much like that and I love it. I LOVE the removable plexiglass. That's so nice to have. I too have the corner water tank on my wish list...

  4. Wow, very spiffy and I love the colour!