Saturday, March 19, 2011


Spring has sprung! Things are growing in the garden. None of it is stuff I've planted yet this year. It's all come up from last year.

 The garlic I actually planted in the planter
 The garlic that escaped getting dug up last year in the old spot.
 The lettuce that reseeded it self from last year.
Keith's favorite chives also survived the winter. 
Spearmint I think. It and the peppermint are running together. Not exactly sure which one is which yet.
 The walking onions. Nothing short of a nuclear blast right on top of them seems to kill them.
 Parsnips. Must have reseeded themselves from last year. I thought I dug all of them up??
  Rhubarb!! So totally excited. All three plants made it through the winter.
 Spinach totally suprised on this one as the entire plants wintered over in temps as low as -20 plus degrees.
 Swiss Chard plants also survived the winter. Not as suprised on this one as they are pretty cold hardy.
And finally I've been busy building raised garden beds from recycled lumber that we didn't use up when we replaced the front porch.  So here are my raised beds that I'm getting ready to plant other stuff in soon. I've got three of them this is just the two I already got settled in and partially filled.

I'm so looking forward to gardening season!


  1. looks sooo good, we are growing more snow today

  2. Spring? We are flooding here right now :) Feel like I live in Seattle rather then California! I want to try my hand at gardening this year, but plan to keep it simple... some tomatoes, maybe some spinach and what not. Ive never done it but am willing to give it a try!!

  3. Oooh! So exciting! What wonderful surprises!
    I am hoping that we see each other at one of the ACTHA rides this year and you bring some of your fresh veggies, salad or pickles. Mmmm!

    We are just preparing our raised beds now. It will be my first real garden! Wish me luck!


  4. Interesting! Looks sooo good, we are growing more snow today and i really like this blog ..
    Thanks for the sharing ..flowering tree

  5. Just wanted to let you know that I got your money for Sunday's photo CD and will get it in the mail to you tomorrow. I hope you enjoy the photos. It's always wonderful to see you and Lady Bug and I hope we get to ride together soon. Grants CTC? Founders Ranch CTC?

    Anyway, love love love the pickles! They are seriously the best I've ever had. I've not opened the grape jam, but I'm sure that it will just as delicious. I'm trying to hog the pickles though. hehe!

    Thanks so much for thinking of me :)