Friday, January 9, 2015

Nice Review

I received a nice review for my book. Even though the reviewer gave it a 2 out of 4 stars because she wanted to read a more detailed horse facts and descriptions, she still gave pretty high praise for other parts of the book. To read the full  Official Review: The Horse That Haunts Dreams click here
 Things like:

"The writer’s ability to enthrall the reader with clever wording and descriptive imagery is enchanting. In addition, the story has touching moments that will engage the reader. One always has a sense of Larson’s pain and joy while she recalls her memories."


"As an added bonus, there is a second part to the book that involves a “monster” of a mule who Larson lovingly calls the Shy monster. These short chapters were a treat to read. You’ll have to read the book to know how the Shy monster created chaos, thus getting her name. The author shares pictures that anyone will find amusing. I myself had a few laugh out loud moments. The author intentionally separates the two parts of the book which I found ingenious. In this way, the two stories flowed effortlessly."

Anyway I'm a happy camper tonight. That just made my day.  

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  1. they never find books to be perfect, but the critics commentary would make me more not less intrigued