Thursday, July 22, 2010

Farrier Day

Had the farrier out today to trim the horses feet. We had to work fairly fast as another storm was brewing and headed our way. Everyone did really good strangely today even with the weird weather. Normally in this cool blustery type of weather the crew can get their dander up. But everyone was really quiet. Fat mule monster was first and she usually gives everyone a hard time  But she was really quiet

One thing we found out today is that Baby Girl is sore in the shoulders and withers area. I haven't ridden her in a couple days, but the last time I did, I noticed something was off with her, but I couldn't quite figure it out. I just rode her at a walk. Now I see that she's sore and we are going to have to figure out if it's my new saddle or my old saddle or the new saddle pad or something else that's causing her to be sore. 

Topper's hoof where she sliced through the coronet band early this spring is doing very well and the area that was split has now grown about half way down the hoof wall.

Overall the whole crew did very well on this visit. Now back to riding tomorrow night if it's not lightning when I get home.

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