Saturday, July 3, 2010

Private training clinic

Today I loaded up Ladybug and Baby Girl for a trip. then Keith and I headed out to Longview Ranch for a private training clinic with Randall Davis. We spent the morning in the corrals working on some ground work and some riding work. The afternoon was a ranch ride with more training tips. We didn't get any photos because we were too busy riding and listening to Randall's tips. I really wanted to work on better reining techniques with the horses and we really found the best fit that worked on both horses at the same time with the same ease. It was a really great day and Keith and I and both the horses learned a lot.

One of the best things I liked about Randall is that he's not judgemental about the different breeds of horses. He breeds Foundation Quarter Horses, but he's worked with a wide variety of horses such as Icelandics, Paints, mustangs and my Appaloosas. My horses stepped off the trailer and he treated them the same as any one of his horses.  He's very professional and takes the time to get to know each individual and their horse. In the fall after I've worked with Baby Girl some more and I'm ready to start Booger Butt, I'm hauling him up to Randall's for a 5 day starting session. 


  1. I appreciate clinicians who aren't judgemental about breed either. It's so much easier to be able to just ride than have to deal with prejudice.

  2. Sounds like a very positive training session.