Friday, July 2, 2010

Finally Photos of my competitve Trail ride!

June 12th and 13th I participated in a wonderful two day competitive trail ride with my horse Ladybug. The first day was a ride sponsored by the local equine rescue group Walkin N Circle ranch. The second day was a Guinness Book of Worlds Records attempt also to benefit equine rescues.

Our first day of riding was quite windy but we still had a good time.
All the photos below were taken by Cory Tourino, copyright. (posted with his permission)

Here is our first obstacle the Mail box.

And then we had a great ride at the water obstacle

Our first day on the obstacles was not as good as the second day. we only managed to completed a couple of the 6 obstacles for the day. However on the second day, we completed 5 out of 6.
We didn't get as many photos from the second day. Here we are at the crossing logs obstacle.

We later found out that we did officially break a worlds record for the largest competitive trail ride!. It was all great fun and a great weekend.


  1. Yay for you , and good ride. And arecord braker! I sure like the look of your Ladybug, she is a chunk too!

  2. I surfed in from Fantastyk Voyage and am enjoying reading about your ACTHA rides. I have friends who compete, and I just got around to looking at it myself. Our family has decided we'd like to give these a try. I was excited to read your take on it and see how good you're doing at it. I think it's excellent for both horse and rider, all these obstacles.
    Love your horses too. I do love a spotted horse!