Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Garden loves the rains

The rains have really been helping the garden grow lately.Here we have the Swiss Chard, Yellow Pear tomato, chives and basil. The chives and basil are looking a bit puny next to the Chard, but they were also planted later due to the cooler weather.
The Sunflower plants are growing like weeds. I hope to have a lot of sun flower seeds this fall.
The rhubarb is also doing well.I'm really pleased that these three really took off because I'd previously had many problems getting any plants established.
 The lettuce that seeded it self last year is doing really well and has a few Dill plants that also re seeded from last year. But the lettuce I planted this year still hasn't done much.

The parsnips that I left in the ground this spring have started to flower and set seeds. I'll save these seeds to plant again next year.

The Spearmint is doing exceptionally well and Keith is wanting to put up a barrier so that it doesn't run over his favorite the Peppermint.

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