Sunday, June 27, 2010

The New Porch!

This morning Keith set out to replace just the steps on our front porch but it turned out to be an almost all day affair to replace the entire decking on the porch as well.

The original steps were metal and wood combination steps. The metal had rusted through and broke. For a bit over a year now we have had this hunk of rail road tie stuck under that bottom step to help keep it from flopping over.  

But as Keith was looking at the how decking, he decided that he might as well replace the whole thing because it didn't make sense to replace steps now and then later on replace the decking. It's a really good thing that the wood was all free so the replacement only cost us the cost of some hardware and the deck screws plus we will still have to water seal it. But here's the sequence of events.

Destroy old porch and get it out of the way

Build new decking
Then finally build new steps.

And even better the rains held off until the porch was completely build and all tools moved back in the house. Yea for the porch and Yea for the rain!!

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