Monday, June 28, 2010

Stray Dog

This county and the local people really tick me off about dumping dogs and not caring about dogs at all. Jazzy my current dog was also a dumped off dog. Last week we noticed that Jazzy was spending more and more time running off chasing something. Something that we only saw at night as eye reflections running away from us.

Then gradually we started seeing the brown dog in the distance but could never get close enough to it. Finally he started getting closer and closer. and now he thinks he's supposed to live here. I don't know if we can keep him yet. We have to see how it works out and we will have to come up with the money for a neuter and shots.
The good things about him are as follows.
1. He doesn't bark much like some other dogs that bark constantly around here
2. He gets along with Jazzy and keeps her company.
3. He hasn't shown any aggression to humans yet.
4. He hasn't attempted to chase the horses or to dig into the chicken pens. 
The negative stuff.
1. He's not neutered
2. We don't know his background.
3. He's still a bit timid around humans and we have to monitor for any forms of fear biting or other aggressive behaviors.

1 comment:

  1. Poor pooch! People can be o rotten! Hope it works out one way or another for him