Thursday, June 24, 2010

Slicker Training

After my last ACTHA ride, I decided I needed to add to my training with a few new items. So off I went scouring the local thrift shops for some specific items. I finally found one item on my list, the lovely yellow slicker to bring home and started slicker training. The funniest thing is that the one horse who absolutely LOVES the slicker happens to be the ONLY one not even yet broke to ride. Yep little Booger Butt just loves this yellow slicker or maybe he loves the treats that go along with it. Either way he followed me all over the place and let me swing that slicker all over his body. He even wore it across his neck with the hood over his ears. but I couldn't get far enough away from him to get a good photo of that.

He did love that slicker so much that he tried to put it on himself while it was hanging on the fence post
But it just fell to the ground instead and he just stepped on it.

Strangely the next easiest to accept the slicker was Topper. Topper usually takes a while to warm up to weird objects, but not this time.

Ladybug really wanted to come up and check the whole process out, but since Topper is Goddess of the pasture, she wouldn't let the Bug close enough to see. I'll have to pull Bug out by herself and work with her alone. Baby Girl was pretty scared and wanted to spend her time hiding behind Topper or Booger But, but eventually when I hung the slicker up on the fence, she finally felt safe enough to come see it.

It looks like I'll have to work with the Bug and Baby Girl separately from the others because Topper and Booger Butt want to hog up all the attention. 

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  1. Good idea to get them used to a slicker , I was aon a ride once where when we all got out our slickers there were a few rodeos!Booger Butt seems to be a pretty good boy