Sunday, June 6, 2010

Trying new things Part 2

Last week I posted about testing Ladybug out with the dressage saddle my sister had given me. Today I decided to go even further and drag out the old (and I really mean old) sidesaddle and see how Ladybug liked it.

My sidesaddle is a 1901 Sears model tapestry seat western sidesaddle.  I haven't had it out and on a horse in years. I originally bought it to ride my old gelding Hobo and the last time I can remember riding in it was about 2001 or 2002 in a 4th of July parade on Hobo in Grants, NM. Today though I figured that Ladybug was ready for the challenge.  Here is my saddle, It needs some work and the tapestry seat is falling apart, but after 109 years, who can blame it.

Because the tapestry seat is so delicate and falling apart, I have a cover for the seat that I keep on it almost all the time to help protect them. 

And Ladybug totally went along with my little experiment as if she'd always been ridden sidesaddle. Here she is just after I saddled her up. After the photos we went for a mile and a half trail ride. That's about all my poor legs could put up with after having not ridden sidesaddle for so long.  


  1. You go gilr! what a beautiful saddle and a pretty snappy horse to go with it!

  2. Thats so cool! And what a neat old saddle!

  3. Wow! So unique! Such a beautiful piece of history.

    What? You didn't do your trail ride in a dress, too? hehe!

    Will you be riding sidesaddle this weekend during the ACTHA? Now wouldn't THAT be something!

    LadyBug is looking beautiful. I can't wait to meet the two of you on Friday.


  4. What a good girl Ladybug is!!!!! Lovely saddle too.


  5. Oh Lady bug is really beautiful! Hope you did OK and had a great time. Ros

  6. I didn't even know that Sears had ever been into the saddle business. Interesting the things you learn.

    I would think it would be your back that got tired riding sidesaddle but what would I know. I've never tried it.