Monday, November 8, 2010

The Cat and the Dog

My sister had a stray cat show up at her house. Her dogs didn't get along with the kitty so she called me and asked if I wanted another cat. So I brought home the little Pipsqueak and she has settled in really well her. Poor Jazzy dog is totally perplexed. Catastrophy our old cat doesn't like dogs and tells them immediately from 10 Ft away. Pipsqueak on the other hand is totally different. She doesn't scare the dogs only reminds them when they get to rough with her. Little Pip is quite bold in her interactions with the dogs.

Here is her photo journal from Sunday morning. 

Wow the dog has a nice sunny spot to sleep.
 I think I'm going to sleep in the sun also.
 Step one: Distract the dog
 Step Two: draw the dog away from the sunny sleeping spot
 Step Three: Rush back to sunny sleeping spot and plop down.
 When dog tries to move you, clamp claws into face.
 Poor Jazzy crying " MOM she stole my sleeping spot!"
Jazzy finally settles for the next best thing. The edge of the nice warm sunny sleeping spot. 


  1. Yupe, that's kinda how things work with the cats and dogs at my house.

  2. Aw poor baby. (Jazzy) the pecking orders of the world! Our new donkey, Tootie, displaced bug Willy from the feeding order the first day. Hussy!

  3. This is new for Jazzy, Our older cat doesn't believe in mingling with the dogs. She puts them in their place from 10 Ft away. Jazzy hasn't experienced cats up close until now. She's used to sneaking around and avoiding eye contact with the older cat, but now she's got the younger cat walking right up and moving her out of prime sleeping spots.