Saturday, November 13, 2010


I'm sure that's what Miss Shy Ann thought this morning after her latest break out was discovered. If you haven't yet heard about the adventures of this Houdini mule, you should read up on some of her other stories such as:

Today's adventure is nothing unusually new for this hard working escape artist. I'm sure she enjoys herself greatly when she's hard at work figuring out new escape tactics.

I go out to feed and see this

That's right the mule has worked hard to pull out three of the 4 drop pins in the corral panels in order to plop that panel over and escape. Now to find everyone.

Yep that is certainly NOT where the critters are supposed to be! Rounding them up was pretty easy as all we had to do was shake an empty feed sack and almost everyone runs back into their designated pasture. Notice I say ALMOST everyone. That's because miss mule monster has decided that she's just not following the crowd today. 

First she decided to run down and chase the neighbors dog ( the black one in front of her)

Then she just needed a really GOOD roll!

Now she just had to say Hello to the neighbors!

Hey dude's How's it going? Oops gotta go Mom's after me!

Oh my I think I spy a bucket full of food. Get out of the way dog I'm coming through!
UMMM I think Dad's trying to trick me, but man that food smells good!
OK I guess my adventure is over for the moment, can we have breakfast now?

So that ends this chapter in the life and times of Houdini mule. More whenever the next escape attempt happens. 


  1. Leave it to a mule to be able to do that and not get hung up in that panel.. makes my heart jump just seeing that (that is what JB got caught in)

  2. It bothers me every time this mule does something like this. Not for herself, but for the horses that follow behind her after her escape. One time she bull dozed through 5 strands of barbed wire without so much as a scratch, but the wire was still all on the ground for the others to get caught up in. Thankfully so far none have been hurt by her escapades.

  3. What a naughty mule...but she definetly keeps you from getting too bored around there, eh? lol!